“To assist, support, and advocate the needs and wants of the St. Croix Tribal Elders. To provide healthy nutritious meals and seek to administer and/or coordinate more support services through the program for the elders and caregivers of the St. Croix Tribe.”

The St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit is an excellent one-stop resource for elders to seek support and obtain information on a variety of different topics including healthcare options, benefit specialist referrals, caregiver resources, dementia specialist services, nutrition, long-term care, and other services. We strive to connect elders to the services they need by providing information and assistance that promote independence and healthy living.

Elder Nutrition Eligibility

We provide nutritious, flavorful meals for tribal elders ages 55+ and non-tribal elders 60 or older and their spouse (regardless of age), as well as to disabled individuals who reside at home with and accompany an older eligible individual to the dining center.  Each meal provides at least 33% of the recommended daily amounts of nutrients for older adults. Nutrition screening and dietary counseling by a Registered Dietician is also available.

Meal Donation

Meals are free to elders who are 60 years of age or older.  Meals are also provided on a donation basis to Tribal Members ages 55 to 59. The suggested donation is $2.50. Non-Tribal Members under 60 years and Tribal Members under 55 must pay the full cost of the meal. The full cost of each meal is $5.00. Each meal location allows elders the opportunity to donate toward the cost of the meal. No eligible participant will be denied a meal if they are unable to donate. 


Reservations are required and may be made with the site manager by calling the dining location or by contacting the Aging Unit at 800-236-2195 Ext 5116 by 1:00p.m. the day before you plan to attend.

Danbury Nutrition Center

7530 Riversmeet Road
Danbury, WI  54830
(715) 656-3227
Service Monday - Friday
11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Sand Lake Nutrition Center

4460 State Highway 70
Webster, WI  54893
(715) 349-2849
Serving Monday - Friday
12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.

* Nutrition Centers are closed the first Friday and third Monday of each month for St. Croix Casino Tribal Elder Luncheons.


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St. Croix Tribal Smoke Shop

All Your Tobacco Needs

  • Full Service Smoke Shop
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  • Hours: 8am - 7pm

(715) 349-2195 Ext. 5171
4380 State Road 70
Webster, WI 54893

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